BestTel is a telecommunications company serving unified business communications solutions for the past 30 years, with a focus on VOIP and cloud-based solutions.


Who We Are

Throughout our 30 years of small-business evolution in the telecommunications industry, customer service has been the heartbeat to BestTel, helping us continuously evolve and drive business forward. Our reputation is our business, and we’ve been able to customize and prioritize telecom solutions for clients with any size business, by remaining brand and product agnostic. Flexibility and accountability remain pillars directing us to providing you the best fit solution.


Our Services

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What Is a Fiduciary?

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Specialized in Individualism

BestTel specializes in placing application development, systems integration, cabling, networking, security, call-waiting, cloud business solutions, technical infrastructure , help desk and technical support. By combining the newest technology and matching hardware, with best-in-class customer service, we have been helping companies like yours for decades.

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Our Practice

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The #1 Small Business serving all business communication needs for over 30 years

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Customization Based on your needs

As your needs change, we make it easy to upgrade & update your systems, allowing you to make the clearest decisions for your business.