A Connected World

What we believe

We live in a frontier of immediacy and accessibility. Anyone can get connected. The world is a shared space, and every conversation is part of the exchange, no matter the purpose. We believe in making connections: online and in person. We value access over inspiration, and integration over exclusion. For us, the best telephone experience is time and money well spent.

We also believe that networks, cabling, cloud solutions, and security can help make a difference through simplification and integration. What is VoIP? What is mobile voIP? For the past 30 years, we’ve answered these questions, built relationships and helped everyone from 2-person garage startups to global brands with thousands of employees. If you’ve bought or worked with Best Tel, you’ve also contributed to their improvement. Because we’re all connected, in one way or another.


Simplifying connections means having meaningful interactions to empower each other.

That’s the idea behind everything we do.


Pace of Business

Where it all started

How you communicate matters. Your phone system should help advance your business without being center stage—it should be your sturdy bridge to success, time and time again. Because if you’re looking down at your dying phone and bills stacking up, you can’t see forward ahead to the world in front of you.

Office Space
How It Works

How it works

To give the any sized business better communication standards, we took the one-on-one approach. Our decisions are made together with you, with your objectives and KPI’s in mind. We’ll step you through the options, the process and the potential outcomes. Our available products are the same top-quality as other premium communication brands. But our overhead is much lower, and our quality is guaranteed—your best telephones will be with you for years.