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Get more advanced features for less.


If you’re like many of the current small businesses, you have a legacy system that is collecting dust. With the advancements of technology, your systems features are lacking and actually impeding productivity. Realizing the importance and benefits of a new business phone system can be challenging for most, that being said, the truth is that for less than what you are currently paying you could have a more robust, highly advanced business phone system that boosts productivity and capacity. Connecting remote workers, routing calls to different departments, employees, locations or mobile phones are all some of the productive capabilities of using a VoIP system. Instead of expensive local phone company bills, your business can run from anywhere — even make and receive calls directly from your computer.


Key Benefits include:


  • No setup or activation fees.
  • Toll-free and local numbers
  • Add remote workers and devices
  • Connect multiple offices in one system
  • Auto-Reception and anwer routing
  • Voice, fax, text, and conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Call logs
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • Mobile Apps
  • Call screening and forwarding
  • Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Outlook integrations
  • Use your existing analog desk phones by connecting them with a Linksys Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and use any SIP-compatible device.
  • Secure voice communications* provides privacy and data integrity between two end-points within RingCentral services.